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Multis Par is a red Martian, who is a secondary antagonist in the story Skeleton Men of Jupiter.

Multis Par is the son of Zu Tith, former Jed of Zor. Five years prior to the events of Skeleton Men, the city of Zor was conquered by Helium. Zu Tith died in the battle and Multis Par went missing. It is eventually revealed that he was captured by a group of Morgors that had been sent to spy on Barsoom, and taken to Sasoom. There, he was forced by Bandolian to cooperate in helping the Morgors prepare for an invasion of Barsoom. Wanting revenge on Helium and John Carter in particular, Multis Par agreed.

He had his cousin, Vaja, abducted so he could force her lover, U-Dan (a former Padwar in the army of Zu Tith, who now worked for Helium) to help him capture John Carter and bring him to Sasoom as well. Later, when Carter refused to cooperate with Bandolian, Multis Par suggested the Morgors should also abduct Dejah Thoris. When Carter keeps refusing, he is sentenced to death and Bandolian gives Dejah Thoris to Multis Par. Carter escapes however along with U-Dan, Zan Dar and Vorion, and stops Multis Par before he can get his hands on Dejah Thoris. While Dejah Thoris and Vaja flee with Zan Dar and Vorion, John Carter and Multis Par fight. John Carter overpowers Multis Par, but is captured again by the Morgors before he has a chance to kill him.

After this event, Multis Par is not seen or mentioned again. His fate is unknown.