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The Masenas are a race of arboreal humanoids who inhabit the forests of the moon of Thuria (which they call Ladan.) Not much is known about them, but they do not seem to be the dominant race upon the moon.

Biology and Attire[]


The Masenas are ugly creatures, with one eye in the center of their foreheads and two mouths. The upper mouth is small and round, with thin lips; the Masena uses this mouth to drink fluids. The lower mouth is wider and lipless, with the teeth set directly in the skin of the creature's face; this mouth handles the job of chewing the creature's solid food. Needless to say, watching a Masena eat is not for the faint of heart.

The singular eye is brown with no sclerae (whites), and the pupil is slit, like a cat's. The nose is flat and broad, with the nostrils turned upwards. The ears are two orifices located towards the top of the skull, and a stiff yellow mane flows down the back of the the cranium. The hands and feet are humanoid, but the fingers and toes are longer, while the thumbs and big toes stick out sideways, probably to facilitate climbing trees.

They also have the unique ability to change color to match their background.


Not much is known about the culture of this race, but they eat living prey and seem to delight in stalking it, and have no qualms about eating human flesh. They build their homes in trees and live above ground. When they are out on raids, they will build temporary nests.