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Manator is a Red Martian kingdom, located about 22 karads (or 814 Earth miles) west of Gathol. A technologically backwards kingdom with more primitive customs than other kingdoms, its industry was for a long time heavily reliant upon slaves, which it gathered by capturing caravans from Gathol.


There are three known cities to this kingdom

Manator - the capital city of the kingdom of Manator.

Manatos - a city in the kingdom of Manator, located a few miles north of the capital and an equal distance south of Manataj. Under the leadership of the jed U-Thor, it has become far more forward-thinking than its sister cities.

Manataj - the northernmost city in the kingdom of Manator. Very little else is known about it, except that its citizens rarely visit Manator proper.


The people of Manator preserve their dead through extremely skilled taxidermy, and sometimes have the incredibly lifelike corpses displayed as decorations; in the former quarters of O-Mai the Cruel, Gahan and Tara stumble upon four preserved warriors posed as though in the middle of a game of jetan. Previous jeddaks are preserved mounted on preserved thoats in a great hall, which only the current jeddak enters to consult with his predecessors.

Jetan plays an important role in Manator's customs. However, rather than merely confine their playing to black and orange pieces on a board, Manatorians play with actual human pieces on a gigantic battlefield board. Sometimes these games of jetan are played to the death.

The people of Manator are described as extremely superstitious, and for this reason are considered primitive by other Barsoomians.  Belief in witches or ghosts called Corphals is common. Corphals are said to haunt the quarters of the ancient jeddak O-Mai the Cruel, who mysteriously died in his sleep with his face so contorted that it drove those who looked upon it to madness. So frightened are the superstitious Manatorians of his corpse that they did not even prepare O-Mai's body but left it in his room for five thousand years. (I-Gos is a rare exception to this superstitious fear.)

The jeddaks of Manator are counted as her bravest warriors. If the courage of the jeddak of Manator is ever questioned, he must immediately prove himself or lose the throne.

Notable Manatorians[]