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The information in this article comes from New Tales of the Red Planet and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Malus was a young Green Thark, and the first friend of Tars Tarkas.


When he was a youth his group was slaughtered or captured by Warhoons, yet he survived the attack and was transferred into the care of Sarkoja who was currently caring for Tars Tarkas.

The two Thark children bonded, often playing pranks on Sarkoja, and the two became like brothers. Sarkoja often attempted to sabotage the relationship between the two friends.

Malus met his end during one of these times that Sarkoja attempted to sabotage their relationship, when their group was camped outside of a city for the purpose of hunting white apes. She promised to give whichever of the boys killed a white ape, her sword. This action on her part would free the boy from her care, making him an adult in the community.

Eventually, the two boys returned with different trophies, Malus with an infant white ape, and Tars with the arm of a white ape. Malus having returned first (leaving Tars to fight with the mother) received the sword.

Tars argued that his trophy was far superior, the two young Tharks got into a battle that ended with Malus being bludgeoned to death with the arm. Tars Tarkas still keeps the sword to this very day, to remember how he killed the person he considered his brother.