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Luud was one of the "kings" of the kaldanes of Bantoom. He appears as one of the antagonists in the story The Chessmen of Mars

Like all kings, Luud is responsible for laying the eggs from which all the Kaldanes of his clan hatch. Because he is a king, his psychic powers are greater than those of the average Kaldane. He can control people by making eye contact, and command his personal Rykor even when he's not attached to its body.

When Tara ends up in Bantoom, she is captured by Luud's Kaldanes and imprisoned in his tower. After days of imprisonment, she is taken to Luud, who mocks her for her inferior brain and body. He tries to force her to come with him into another chamber, when Ghek and Gahan arrive to rescue Tara. In the struggle that follows, Luud is killed by Ghek with a dagger, after which Ghek steals Luud's rykor.

As Ghek explained earlier, Luud's death will mean that soon a king egg will hatch to provide the clan with a new king. The new king will also be called Luud and life for the clan will continue as if nothing has happened.