Lan-O was a slave girl who worked in the Towers of Jetan in Manator. Originally from the neighboring kingdom of Gathol, her birth name was likely Lano or Lana. She was captured and enslaved by the Jeddak O-Tar's forces during one of their regular raids. Some years later, when Princess Tara of Helium was captured by the Manatorians, Lan-O was assigned by the tower master A-Kor to care for her. During Tara's captivity, the princess was propositioned by a crude dwar named E-Med, who assaulted her. Tara stabbed him dead with a dagger hidden in her harness, and Lan-O helped her dispose of the body. When the other guards realized that E-Med was missing, they suspected Tara and Lan-O of being responsible, and thus Lan-O was forced to serve as the orange princess in a game of jetan. She was won by the black chief in that game, U-Kal (secretly the Jed Gahan of Gathol), who set her free to return to their shared homeland.

It is interesting to note that years later, Tara and her husband, Jeddak Gahan of Gathol, named their daughter Llana. Whether this was in tribute to the kind slave girl or merely a coincidence is unrevealed.