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The Korsars are a maritime raiding society who in in the land of Korsar across the sea of Korsar Az


The Korsars are a maritime raiding society descended from a group of Moorish Pirates from the surface world who found their way into Pellucidar through a natural opening at either the North Pole or South Pole.

Unable to get back to the surface, the Korsars decided to remain in Pellucidar and over time built their city Korsar along the coast of the sea, Korsar Az. As a sea faring people the Korsars have wooden sailing ships that they use to plunder tribes and take as slaves.

The Korsars are ruled by a King who they call the Cid, it is unknown what their Queen is called.


Due to being from the 17th or 18th centuries they have powdered weapons such as Flintlock Pistols and Blunderbusses, they even have melee weapons like Cutlasses and Daggers.