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Kooaad is the capital city of Vepaja. It first appeared in Pirates of Venus.


Kooadd is built into the forests of Venus. Buildings are carved into trees, and flowers blooming on the trees make the place feel like a village woven into the forest.

Royal Palace[]

The royal palace is the largest tree in the city's forest. The tree is stripped of branches and is dotted with windows and doors, and wide balconies and verdanas encircle it. Elaborate carvings decorate the main entrance to the palace on a five foot long doorframe. The corridors and interior chambers of the palace are carved into the tree's wood, and are lit by lamps. Staircases circle the tree's interior allowing Gan to go up and down the palace.

The bottom of the palace is the king's throne room, which is spacious. There is a table near a large window, which is occupied by the Jong (king).



Pirates of Venus[]

Carson is found in the trees of the city by Olthar, Kamlot, Zuro, Duran, and Alzo, who take him in. The day after Carson's crash-landing, he is taken to see Mintep.