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Kaol is a small but powerful Red Martian kingdom, one of the few areas on Mars in which there is still abundant plant life. It is ruled by the jeddak Kulan Tith.



The kingdom lays in a low area on Barsoom with moist soil. Much of the land is marsh-like and it has a diverse ecosystem. It is the only place on the planet where the deadly sith is found, though the locals have been attempting to exterminate the species once and for all.


There are several cities in the Kaolian forest, all connected by a network of roads patrolled by soldiers who use weapons that utilize the poison of the sith. Kaol the capital city of the little empire; it is completely encircled by a seventy-five-foot wall that is as smooth as glass.


Previously the nation had no aircraft, but this seemed to change, the nation acquiring a considerable fleet. This nation is known to have had a good relationship with Ptarth, and it was one of the last nations to forsake the religion of Issus.