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Kantos Kan is the Jedwar of the Heliumetic navy, and amongst the best friends of John Carter.



A Princess of Mars[]

Kantos Kan met John Carter while imprisoned by the cruel Warhoons, who made them fight one another to the death in the Great Games. They avoided this by prolonging the fight until the Warhoons grew bored and left the arena. Afterwards, they fled from the Warhoons and went their separate ways. Kantos Kan made it out to Zodanga, where he became an air scout as a cover for his search for Dejah Thoris.

Kantos Kan stayed undercover in the city for a while, trying to figure out where Dejah Thoris was being held. John Carter had gone his separate way, but ended up in Zodanga as well. Upon running into him, Kantos Kan asked John Carter to help him search for Dejah Thoris. Soon afterwords, John Carter did find Dejah Thoris. He put together a plan to saved her. Kantos Kan was to fly a one man air scout to her prison and break her out, while John Carter distracted the Zodangian military. Instead though, Kantos Kan was captured and wasn't able to rescue the princess.

The Chessmen of Mars[]

Kantos Kan was the father of Djor Kantos. John Carter's daughter, Tara of Helium and Djor Kantos had grown up together and everyone at the court of Helium assumed they would eventually marry. The young people were good friends and had no objection to the plan - until they fell in love with other people. Fortunately it all worked out in the end.


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John Carter[]

Kantos Kan's good friend is John Carter of Earth, now John Carter of Mars.