The kalkars are one of two human races native to the interior world of earths moon. They are the result of a civil war in the moon. During a prosperous age a group called 'the thinkers' rose to power by convincing the people of the moon that they were oppressed, after the civil war they became the kalkars (a term they do not use when referring to themselves). The kalkars are basically human, with a wide array of a hair colors and sizes. The two most consistant traits of the kalkars is their large size (although some small kalkars do exsist) and their hooked noses. The kalkars under the leadership of Orthis invaded earth, in time devolving it into a primitive state. Not much is known about kalkar religion, the believe in some form of reincarnation, they believe that if they die by falling into the hoos they will not be able to move onto another incarnation