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Kal Tavan was a red martian, a Prince of Tjanath turned panthan and when we meet him the slave of Tor Hatan.


Kal Tavan was a son of the previous Jed of Tjanath. When his wife fell to the hand of an assassin, and his little daughter was kidnapped, the familiar scenes of Tjanath became unbearable reminders of happier days.  His grief became so great he couldn't remain, so he turned panthan and sought service.

Thus, he served in Kobol as a member of the body guard of the Jed of Kobol. After the fall and sack of Kobol he was taken as a prisoner to Helium where he became a slave of Tor Hatan.

As an honorable man he gave his master good and loyal service in his slavery, to the extent of racing unarmed to the defense of his young mistress. Kal Tavan proved a valuable witness enabling Tan Hadron to identify Sanoma Tora's kidnappers. The Warlord was impressed by the man, freed him and made him one of his officers. The slave girl Tavia proved to be Kal Tavan's long lost daughter and he gladly accepted Tan Hadron as a son in law.