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John Clayton, commonly known by the name of "Lord Greystroke", was an English nobleman and the husband of noblewoman named Alice Rutherford. He is the father of Tarzan.


Tarzan of the Apes[]

Greystroke and Alice were heading on an expedition to the African country of Congo when they were shipwrecked on somewhere off the coast of Western Africa.  Greystroke built a log cabin for shelter for him and his wife, who was about to expect a baby.  After killing several Mangani with his revolver, every time that they got near his cabin (as self defense), Kerchak planned to have his revenge on Greystroke for killing his people.  Alice later died in childbirth when her child, a baby boy was born.  When Greystroke was mourning over her death, he was unexpectedly attacked by Kerchak and several other apes and was beaten to death. Greystroke's son was raised by Kala the she-ape and was named "Tarzan". 

Other Versions[]



Greystroke with Alice and Tarzan

In the Disney Tarzan film, John Clayton is instead the name of the antagonist in the film who kills gorillas for fun (a reference to Clayton shooting Mangani in the book). Tarzan's father is only known as Lord Greystroke in this adaption. He is seen in a portrait with Alice and an infant Tarzan, in his cabin near the jungles of the. He and Alice also appear in flashbacks.