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The John Carter Soundtrack is the official soundtrack for the Disney film John Carter. It has been released on March 6.

Track Listings[]

  1. A Thern for the Worse
  2. Get Carter
  3. Gravity of the Situation
  4. Thark Side of Barsoom
  5. Sab Than Pursues the Princess
  6. The Temple of Issus
  7. Zodanga Happened
  8. The Blue Light Special
  9. Carter They Come, Carter They Fall
  10. A Change of Heart
  11. A Thern Warning
  12. The Second Biggest Apes I've Seen This Month
  13. The Right of Challenge
  14. The Prize Is Barsoom
  15. The Fight for Helium
  16. Not Quite Finished
  17. Thernabout
  18. Ten Bitter Years
  19. John Carter of Mars