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The Jhama is the name of a ship designed and build by the mad scientist Phor Tak, assisted by Tan Hadron. It plays an important part in the book A Fighting Man of Mars.

The Jhama consists of a big cylinder pointed at both ends, like the Flying Death. It is equiped with a standard engine since that was the only kind of engine Tan Hadron knew how to build. The ship is coated in a layer of the special blue paint that protects against the disintegration rifle Phor Tak designed for jeddak Tul Axtar, and a layer of paint that renders it invisible from the outside. Only the eye of a periscope is visible, as is the hatch when opened. The ship is also armed with one of the disintegration rifles and a huge supply of ammunition.

With the Jhama Tan Hadron first visits Tjanath and frees Tavia and Phao. He then visits Jahar where he frees Sanoma Tora and takes Tul Axtar hostage. Sanoma Tora betrays the group however and frees Tul Axtar, who then maroons Tan Hadron and Tavia in the province of U-Gor and takes the Jhama back to Jahar. Once in Jahar he forgets to proberly secure the ship however and it drifts away in the wind. It gets stranded on top of a high mountain, where Tan Hadron and Tavia find it just in time to escape a group of cannibals. 

Now back in Tan Hadrons hands, the Jhama participates in the battle between the fleets of Helium and Jahar. Using the rifle, Tan Hadron desintegrates the crew of several ships, allowing for Helium soldiers to capture these ships. After the battle Tan Hadron confronts Tul Axtar once more, but he again steals the Jhama. Tan Hadron follows him to Phor Tak's hideout. Tul Axtar tries to flee with the Jhama again, but this time Tan Hadron manages to hang onto the ship. He enters the ship and kills Tul Axtar.

Afterwards Tan Hadron destroys all of Phor Taks inventions, but not the Jhama. The ship is therefor all that remains of Phor Taks weapons. It is unknown if Tan Hadron still has the ship when he shows up again years later in Llana of Gathol.