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Jahar is a Red Martian city and kingdom located in the Southern Hemisphere, west of Torquas, and east of Tjanath.  It has been considered a 'backwards' city, lacking many of the amenities of places such as Helium.

Under Tul Axtor[]

Tul Axtor, the Jeddak of Jahar some two hundred years before the events of "A Fighting Man of Mars, began fostering a mad dream, the conquest of all of Barsoom. During this time he made manpower a priority, no eggs were allowed to be destroyed, and when it was realized that marriage in the lower classes decreased birth rate he abolished the practice for classes beneath the nobility. This led to an appalling increase in population, starvation became the norm, and in some of the larger district cannibalism became prominent.

During this period despite being exposed as a fraud by John Carter, the kingdom remained faithful to the false religion of Iss.

Known Residents[]