I-Gos, as portrayed by Gnostic
Biographical information
Title Taxidermist
Gender Male
Race Red
Kingdom Manator
Status Alive
I-Gos is the head taxidermist of Manator. In his youth, several hundred years ago, he was apparently quite the ladies man - he'll tell anyone who will listen about the many girls he's kissed. The years were not kind to him, though, and he ended up in the pits, preparing the bodies of the dead so that they could be displayed. He is very good at his job - he can make the dead look even better than they did when they were alive, and could tell you the name and location of every body he's prepared. Years among the dead have badly damaged his social skills and prolonged exposure to embalming fluids has likely accelerated the aging process upon his brain and body.

Still, he retains some sense of honor. He values courage and fighting skill and abhors cowards and bullies. When Jeddak O-Tar tried to have the jed Gahan killed so that he could take Gahan's lover Tara for himself, I-Gos helped Gahan to elude O-Tar's guards.

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