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The Hormads are an artificial and sexless race created by Ras Thavas, When Ras created the Hormad, he also created a city on an isolated island in the Toonolian marshes called Morbus to serve as a center for the race's cultural development.

Hormads appear as the main antagonists of Synthetic Men of Mars, in which they plan to conquer all of Barsoom. At the end of the story, it is suggested that all Hormads are destroyed by the fleet of Helium. However, in John Carter and the Giant of Mars, it turns out at least one Hormad, Pew Mogel, survived and continued their quest for world domination.


Hormads resemble Red Martians, but are larger and more deformed. They are nearly indestructible creatures, but fire is their only weakness, and they are grown in vats in massive numbers. They can have all of their limbs severed, and even their heads, and still survive due to the science of Ras Thavas. Sometimes, they will fail to develop a whole body maybe only developing a foot instead. Almost all Hormads are deformed in some way - body parts in wrong places, extra toes and thumbs, etc. The severed limbs and bodies of Hormads are recycled in the vats, and Hormads that fail to develop into functional beings are also recycled.


Most of the Hormad's names are simply numbers in the Martian language, like Teeaytan-ov, which means 'eleven hundred seven'. Only their leaders give themselves real names.