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The information in this article comes from Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Hor Segotha was one of the first red Jeddaks of barsoom, the symbol he used was a malagor, he was a great merciless warrior!


In his time he smashed his rivals and accumulated extraordinary wealth! But this was long before the red peoples rediscovered the secret of air travel so there was nothing he could do against the fleets of the moon pirates

His treasures were stolen from him by the first born, gold, jewels, silks, and something more valuable than all the wealth ever dredged from the mines of barsoom. This is the legendary hoard of Segotha!

The loss broke segotha, he took his own life promising the treasure would destroy whoever possessed it! The Moon Pirates did not pay much attention though, two brothers the finest of the moon pirates Dators were selected to bring the hoard back to the moon pirates home, but they both desired the treasure for themselves, nobody knows who fired the first shot but they went down in the southern ice caps, with all their men! The wreck was never found, and thus the hoard of Segotha lost!

The hoard wouldnt be found for a great many years. It was found by a group of martians lead my Phondari and Dejah Thoris, and when they found it they learned the secret, that the most priceless thing of the hoard of segotha, was the daughter of ssegotha, Thalia Seren. When she was discovered, it was revealed that he gave her as a tribute to the moon pirates but the loss broke him none the less!