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The information in this article comes from Dynamites, warlord of mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Hok was a very large and brutal Thark.


Hok was hatched at the same time as Tars Tarkas and the two were brought up together in the same group. Eventually Tars Tarkas and Hok were all that remained of their group and Hok served as a Padwar under Tars Tarkas. Having spent so much time alongside Tars Tarkas, Hok was more telepathically attuned with him than other Tharks, making the two more effective in battle together.


Hok conspired with the warhoons in a scheme to try and unite the two tribes of greens, the plan was to destroy Thark incubators and kill the children placing the blame on Zodanga so the two tribes would unite against the nation and eventually rule over Barsoom.

In an attempt to prevent Tars Tarkas from pursuing the truth Hok challenged him to a duel, chosing to use no weapons so he would have the advantage because of his superior size and strength.

It was was an extremely difficult fight but Tars Tarkas managed to rip the tusks from Hoks head and stab him in the eyes killing him. Hok's tusks were crafted into two unique drinking vessels by Tars Tarkas' peers as a gift.


the morbid trophies!

Later Tars Tarkas would share a drink with John Carter with these cups, and tell him the story of how they came to me. Upon finishing his recounting of events Tars Tarkas decided to give John Carter the drinking vessels as gifts.

Unknown to Tars Tarkas, Hok was not forgotten. A sect of Tharks that followed the ways of Hok formed after his demise, a sect that would continue to operate in secret well after Thark allied itself with Helium.

Personality & Traits[]

Hok was larger and more brutal than the average Thark, and he took a special joy in the torture and violation of prisoners; so much so, that other Tharks were often in awe of him.


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