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Hin Abtol is the ambitious, vainglorious and cowardly Jed of Panar. He styles himself Jeddak of Jeddaks of the North and claims to have conqueored Okar, but given his character one is free to doubt that claim. He is the main antagonist in the book Llana of Gathol, appearing directly in three of the four stories and being mentioned in the fourth.

His desire is to conquer all of Barsoom. Over the years he has gathered an army of about a million or so men. Most of them however are abducted from other cities, and since he cannot feed such a large army most of his soldiers are kept frozen in a state of suspended animation in the ice around his capital Pankor, untill he needs them for a war. The discipline and moral of his enslaved troops is poor. It is mostly the fear of being frozen in again that keeps them in line. His fleet, although large, consists entirely of old, obsolete fliers he stole over the centuries. All this lead John Carter to adjudge him little threat to Helium.

A few days before the start of the story, Hin Abtol visited Gathol where he desired the spirited Llana. Her father, Gahan, refused however, causing the angry Hin Abtol to just abduct her. Llana however managed to cause his flier to crash just outside the ruins of Horz, where Hin Abtol and his men came under attack from a tribe of Green Martians. Hin Abtol barely escaped in John Carter's abandoned flier. Back in Pankor he unfroze a large number of soldiers and declared war on Gathol; both for revenge of being denied Llana and to give his troops some fighting experience.

When Llana, John Carter and Pan Dan Chee show up outside the besieged city, Hin Abtol has her taken captive again and taken to Panor. Unluckily for him he is closely followed by John Carter who manages to both free Llana and steal his flier back. Hin Abtol himself is finally stopped when John Carter brings the navy of Helium to Gathol. Hin Abtol's army is quickly defeated and Hin Abtol himself taken captive. His final fate is not revealed however, only the fact that John Carter sets free his entire army of frozen men.