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Heroes of Mars is an anthology book.

Table of Contents[]

The book features five stories from various authors, and one additional essay all edited by Nicholas J. Ahlhelm.

  • Divided Loyalties written by Geoff Gander - A tale of a Red Martian who saves his leader, only to find his leader has betrayed his nation to the enemy.
  • The Tyrants of Mars written by Evan Dicken - A tale of two soldiers in the service of Kaol, during the time of Thuvia, Maid of Mars.
  • The Mermaids of Mars written by Travis Hiltz - A story about a ship stranded in a city, inhabited by horrible subterranean monsters.
  • Exodus from Mars written by J.M. Stewart - a story of a hero who must fight the last witch king of the Therns.
  • The Dregs of Mars written by Mark Brandon Allen - A strike force invades Io to save the last of the Therns.
  • A Fighting Manuel of Mars written by Teel James Glenn - An essay.