Heroes of Mars
Author Nicholas Ahlhelm & Others
Publication date 2012
Published by Pulp Empire & Metahuman Press
ISBN 9781470066963

Heroes of Mars is an anthology book.

Table of ContentsEdit

The book features five stories from various authors, and one additional essay all edited by Nicholas J. Ahlhelm.

  • Divided Loyalties written by Geoff Gander - A tale of a Red Martian who saves his leader, only to find his leader has betrayed his nation to the enemy.
  • The Tyrants of Mars written by Evan Dicken - A tale of two soldiers in the service of Kaol, during the time of Thuvia, Maid of Mars.
  • The Mermaids of Mars written by Travis Hiltz - A story about a ship stranded in a city, inhabited by horrible subterranean monsters.
  • Exodus from Mars written by J.M. Stewart - a story of a hero who must fight the last witch king of the Therns.
  • The Dregs of Mars written by Mark Brandon Allen - A strike force invades Io to save the last of the Therns.
  • A Fighting Manuel of Mars written by Teel James Glenn - An essay.
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