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Sola's Mother.jpg
Biographical information
Title None
Gender Female
Race Green
Relatives --
Nation Thark
Home --
Status Deceased

Gozava was a Green Martian woman in the retinue of the Jeddak Tal Hajus of Thark. A gentle, kindly young woman, she disliked the cold nature of the other Greens and spent much of her time in the wilderness. It was there that she met Tars Tarkas, then a minor officer charged with the care of the zitidars and thoats. They fell in love and had a daughter. However, Tars Tarkas was sent south to fight against the tribes there and despoil them of their furs, and thus was not there to see his daughter hatch. After the daughter Sola was born, Sarkoja learned of the affair and informed Tal Hajus, forcing Gozava to hide Sola among a group of other young Tharks. Gozava was brought before Tal Hajus who had her tortured in hopes of finding out which of his warriors had violated the traditions of the Tharks. Gozava never named Tars Tarkas and eventually died from the injuries sustained during her torture. Decades later Tars Tarkas learned of Sarkoja's involvement and sent her into exile, then killed Tal Hajus and became the new Jeddak of Thark.