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Gor-don is a red man from the nation of Panar. He is a supporting character in the third book of Llana of Gathol

Upon his introduction, Gor-don is a padwar in the army of Hin Abtol. He is in charge of a flier that pursues the Dusar after John Carter has stolen it. Gor-Don's flier is defeated in a battle with John Carter's flier, and Gor-don is among the five survivors that are taken on board of the Dusar afterwards. Carter spares his life and even defends him against some of the assassins in his own crew, earning him Gor-dons respect.

After the crew of the Dusar mutinies against John Carter, Gor-don and John Carter are marooned on the North Pole. They walk to Pankor and along the way there Carter saves Gor-don again, this time from an Apt. Once in Pankor Gor-don advises Carter to pose as his slave so he can enter the city without causing suspicion. Once in Gor-dons home Carter is made into Gor-dons personal bodyguard so that he is allowed to carry weapons, despite being a slave.

Gor-don advises Carter to go to the marketplace to learn more about Hin Abtol and the fate of Llana. After amazing some of the guards with his great strength, Carter is bought from Gor-don by Hin Abtol. Gor-don is not seen or mentioned again afterwards.