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Given that this is the Barsoom Wiki, is content from Burroughs' Pellucidar and Venus series appropriate to add? Auguststorm1945 00:03, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

I asked myself that question, and my conclusion is yes. The princess of mars was Edgar Rice Burroughs first book. And his subsequent series he would connect to that same universe.

This is the first paragraph of a A Fighting Man of Mars

To Jason Gridley of Tarzana, discoverer of the Gridley Wave, belonged the credit of establishing radio communication between Pellucidar and the outer world.

And this is from Pirates of Venus

On the eve of the departure of the great dirigible, O-220, from the earth's core, following the successful termination of that historic expedition, Jason had determined to remain and search for von Horst, the only missing member of the party; but Tarzan, David Innes, and Captain Zuppner had persuaded him of the folly of such an undertaking, inasmuch as David had promised to dispatch an expedition of his own native Pellucidarian warriors to locate the young German lieutenant if he still lived and it were possible to discover any clue to his whereabouts.

The goal here is to create an encylopedic reference to the universe that sprouted from the barsoom series. And since the tarzan wiki has hardly any content, the pellucidar and venus wiki's non-exsistent, i see no wrong in including the content from these series.

Keeping as the address because a princess of mars was the first work that he had that was published (not hte first published in book format however)

Also in case you were wondering about the moon maid trilogy which is also being included here

That we ever were able to communicate intelligibly with them is due to the presence upon Mars of that deathless Virginian, John Carter, whose miraculous transportation to Mars occurred March 4th, 1866, as every school child of the twenty−first century knows.

that is from the first chapter of the rather grim trilogy.

I know it seems odd, And I plan on adding content portals to the wiki similiar to how the fallout wiki manages its various games. (incase you need to see how it works, ralok 00:50, January 19, 2011 (UTC)

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