Fo-nar is a Red martian. He is a supporting character in the story Llana of Gathol.

Fo-nar is a than in the army of Hin Abtol, but he originally came from Jahar where he used to be a Dwar. He was captured by Hin Abtol and forced to join his army about 20 years before the start of the story. When he first appears, he is participating in the siege of Gathol. He is the only crew member still assigned to the Dusar since the ship is out of commission. John Carter meets him when he tricks Phor San into assigning the Dusar to him, and the two men quickly become allies. Fo-nar agrees to find Carter a crew of 15 to 20 men who just like he are willing to betray Hin Abtol.

After finding the right men, Fo-nar departs with John Carter and the new crew, which includes Tan Hadron as well, for Pankor to free Llana. Near the North Pole the crew mutinies against John Carter however since they fear they will be frozen in again. Fo-nar is one of the only 3 crew members that support John Carter, and as a result he too is taken captive. John Carter and Gor-don are marooned on the North Pole while Fo-nar and Tan Hadron are forced by the mutinous crew to navigate the Dusar elswhere. The ship and its crew are not seen or mentioned again, and Fo-nars fate is thus unknown.

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