The editing policy here is very simple, the rules do not deviate to much from most other wikis. I recommend reading the mass effect wikis policies to get a general idea of how to behave and conduct yourself!

Page FormatEdit

You should not get caught up trying to make the pages each follow a similar pattern. Each page only needs to relay the necessary information in a coherent sensible manner.


Generally speaking, any type of image is allowed, fanart, comic book covers, movie artwork. The general rule with any type of image on a canon page is that the image MUST ME ACCURATE to the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. On non-canon pages, the work must be accurate to that specific non-canon!


The images here may often contain nude, or mostly nude people! We apologize to anybody offended by these images, but understand we are only using the images because they are accurate with the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Understand, we do not allow pornographic images on this wiki


The category tree here is not overly complex. There are 3 super categories, Canon, Real World, and Non-Canon. Each of these categories are more or less self explanatory, canon covering definitive fact, non-canon being any lore from a derivative work, and real world covering stuff involving the world you and I live in everyday.


To understand our policy on speculation, you need to understand the two types of speculation that exist. There is the speculation by people in the real world, the the myriad of articles written by people other than Burroughs, the half thoughts of fans. This type of speculation we do not allow! There is a type we do allow, the speculation of the characters within the books, if a character or narrator speculates on something then that information is allowed so long as it was written by Burroughs. This also applies to an extent to non-canon works, but only to that specific non-canon work and not to the greater continuity.

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