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A dwar is the Barsoomian equivalent to the rank of Captain.

Notable Dwars[]


  • Hal Vas, son of the Dusarian noble Vas Kor. Dwar of the Road near Torquas.


  • Gan Hor, leader of a group of guerilla ranchers who battled Hin Abtol's army.
  • San Tothis, commander of the airship Vanator. Killed when the ship crashed during a fierce storm.


  • Gur Tus, Dwar of the 10th Utan. Helped to capture the Temple of Issus.
  • Val Dor, a swordsman of great renown. Captured and enslaved by Manator, he was freed by Gahan of Gathol.


  • Lan Sohn Wen, dwar of the 1st Utan of the Jeddak's Guard. Arrested John Carter after the warlord aided Pan Dan Chee.


  • Torkar Bar, dwar of the Kaolian Road. Saved the lives of John Carter and Woola when they were attacked by a sith.


  • A-Kor , the son of the Jeddak O-Tar and Princess Haja of Gathol, and stepson of Jed U-Thor of Manatos. Served as the master of the Towers of Jetan before being imprisoned. Later succeeded O-Tar as Jeddak.
  • E-Med, a burly and crude boor who replaced A-Kor after he was imprisoned. Killed by Princess Tara of Helium after trying to assault her.
  • U-Dor, Dwar of the 8th Utan. Killed by Gahan of Gathol during a jetan match.