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The Dusar is a flier used by John Carter in the book Llana of Gathol.


The Dusar is one of the ships in the army of Hin Abtol that is used to lay siege to Gathol. It is a very old ship. When John Carter, under the guise of Dotar Sojat, infiltrates Hin Abtol's army and demands a flier, he is appointed the Dusar, only to learn the ship is out of commission because it won’t fly. The only crewmember is Fo-nar.

The ship is well-supplied with provisions and weapons, but the engine does not work. Carter finds that it is clogged with dirt and fixes it in a day. He then secretly gathers a crew of soldiers that are willing to betray Hin Abtol. Among them is Tan Hadron.

With this crew Carter departs for the north pole to rescue Llana. Along the way they encounter an enemy flier, but the Dusar is powerful enough to defeat it. A survivor, Gor-don, is taken on board.

Near the north pole, the crew starts a mutiny against Carter because they are afraid of going back to Panar. Only Gor-Don, Fo-nar and Tan Hadron choose Carter's side in the conflict, and all four of them are taken captive. Carter and Gor-Don are marooned on the North Pole, and the Dusar takes off with Tan Hadron and Fo-Nar still on board as prisoners. The Dusar is never seen or mentioned again, and the final fate of the flier and its crew therefore remains unknown.