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Duhor is a Red kingdom in the northern hemisphere of Barsoom.


Duhor is far to the north of Helium, the northwest of Phundahl, and some 7,800 haads to the west of Toonol. East of the city are the snow-covered Artolian Hills.



The Master Mind of Mars[]

It has long been at war with neighboring Amhor, and this history of conflict came to a head around 1908 when Jal Had, Prince of Amhor, took advantage of a war between Duhor and Helium to invade Duhor and kidnap its princess, Valla Dia. Valla Dia managed to disguise herself as another woman, but ended up being sold to Toonolian scientist Ras Thavas, who planned to sell her body through his body-swapping business.

Jal Had eventually left Duhor again, apparently since Valla Dia and Vad Varo return there after Vad Varo restored Valla Dia to her original body. Considering the friendship between Vad Varo and John Carter, the conflict between Helium and Duhor was most likely also resolved.



  • In the original printings of Synthetic Men of Mars in the Argosy magazine (1939), the city is said to be northeast of Helium. In all other book printings, it is said to be northwest.