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Duare (pronounced "doo-ah-ree") is the princess of Vepaja, a Gan kingdom on Amtor, and the daughter of Jong Mintep. She is the object of Carson Napier's affection and his ally during adventures across Venus.


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Pirates of Venus[]

Duare, unnamed, first appears in the Vepaja gardens as five Gan assassins creep into the area. Carson Napier kills three of them, while guards finish off the other two. Later, Carson encounters Duare in the garden and he tries to touch her, but she slaps him.

Duare is later kidnapped by Thorists and bird-men on the Sovang. Carson later finds her during a battle between the Thorists, and he proclaims his love for her. She rejects him, and he forcefully kisses her as she draws a knife on him. Duare then goes missing and Carson finds her on an island surrounded by bird-men. Carson then scares the bird-men off, and Duare tells him she loves him as she is handed off to the Sofal.

Lost on Venus[]

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Carson of Venus[]

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Escape on Venus[]

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Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds[]

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Carson Napier[]

Duare first meets Carson in the gardens of the Vepaja palace.

After the events of Pirates of Venus, she becomes Carson's ally.


Mintep is the jong (king) of Vepaja and Duare's father.