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The information in this article comes from Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Dor Valian the prince of the kingdom of Yorn son of the Jeddak Senneth Dor. Dor Valian was an inventor, a scholar, and a poet.


Dor Valian's mother was a concubine to the Jeddak of Yorn, and when she died the Jeddak was greatly saddened. Over the years Dor Valian proved to be a disappointment to his father, his father only keeping Valian around because he reminded him of his mother.

Eventually the Jeddak plotted to take over Helium in a plot fueled by the knowledge gained from Valians research. He discovered the location of an ancient, and extraordinarily powerful, war machine known as The Colossus.

When the city of Lesser Heium gained an advantage in the battle against their longtime rivals Greater helium, Senneth Dor invited the Jeds of both cities to Yorn under the pretense of creating lasting peace between them. He proposed to do this by wedding Dor Valian to Dejah Thoris.

In reality he wished to capture both leaders and execute them, then use the colossus hidden under Helium to expand his empire over all of Barsoom. Valian was unaware of his father's plot and, though aware he was hardly her ideal husband, he genuinely offered to be the best husband he could.

After his father showed his true colors Valian protested but was dismissed by his father, who thought he could to little about it. However Valian showed surprising depths, helping free Dejah Thoris and working against his fathers plot. During this time she became genuinely fond of him.

Once his father took control of the Colossus Valian was able to conceive a device that would make him vulnerable, and a flight pack that would allow Dejah Thoris to get in close to kill it.

He was killed when the colossus fell, with his last words being Dejah Thoris's name. Very few people attended his funeral, and she was greatly saddened by his death.


Dor Valian is a kind, courteous, and intelligent individual. He is also very brave and very capable of love. He lacks any physical ability, but he was a great inventor and is willing to fight for what he believes in.

Inventions & Discoveries[]

Dor Valian is an inventor, a scholar, and a poet. He managed to decipher the ancient writings of Voormenihes, and thus discovered the great Colossus. And it was his inventions that where responsible for the defeat of the colossus, a machine that interrupted its brain waves, a sword with an extremely powerful cannon built into it, and a strange flight pack.