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A series of children's books were produced by Dinshe as merchandise for the film, written by Billy Wrecks.

John Carter (3-D Book)[]


The John Carter 3-D book is a 17 page long book, it uses the anaglyph 3D and has two pairs of these glasses, this 3D effect was apparently provided by Red Bird Publishing U.K. On the back of this book its price is listed as US $6.99/ $7.99 Can.

Adventures on Another World[]


The John Carter Digest Color and Activity Book is a small black and white activity book 63 pages long. The solution to all of the puzzles is in the back end of the book, it includes 35 stickers. Its price on the back is US $2.99/ 3.99 Can

Battle for Barsoom[]


John Carter Full Color Activity Book, it includes 43 stickers! It is very similar to "Adventures on Another World", it is roughly 23 pages long and although larger in height it is smaller in content, its price is listed on the back as US $4.99/$5.99 CAN.