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Dejah Thoris and the White Apes of Mars
Comic Book Release Date July 25, 2012
Publisher Dynamite Comics
Story Writer(s) Mark Rahner
Penciler(s) Lui Antonio
Colorist(s) Alexandre Starling
Letterer(s) Marshall Dillon
Front Cover Artist(s) Sean Chen, Ale Garza (1-in-10).
Previous Issue 3
Next none

This is the fourth issue of Dejath Thoris and the White Apes of Mars.


Dejah Thoris pleads with her son through their link that he must deploy the bombs from her airship. Its too late to save her, and it would be a far merciful death than at the hands of the White Apes. With a heavy heart Carthoris orders the ship to drop the bombs over the city. The ensuing bombardment gives Dejah enough of a distraction to escape to a sealed chamber. She is pursued by the apes but quickly locked herself in the vessel. The apes hammer at the sealed door, until the resulting fires kill the troop.

Carthoris above the flames hears the call of his mother and order his ship to land near the city's square. Sure enough Dejah is bruised and very much alive to his relief. However he calls out in warning when the surviving apes return ready for blood. The soldiers on the ship take aim, however the princess orders them to stand down. She fearles faces against the alpha, telling him that she humiliated and owns him. As she turns her back the surrounding apes turn on the alpha, ripping him to shreds.

Carthoris warmly greets his mother, however Dejah has other things on her mind of how this travesty happened. Rather tha return to Helium, she believes it best to continue on the expedition. Now believing that the accident that stranded her and her friends in the city was intentional. They party arrives at the Face of Mars, where the famed Battle of the Face of Barsoom took place. They unearth a shocking discovery, the battle was a lie but was a massacre of Green Martians.

Later Dejah is seen comforting the hatchlings of her departed friends, when one of the soldiers reports that Kaor, her pilot from the previous vessel wishes to speak to her. He mournfully regrets for what has happened as he was responsible for stranding them in the dead city, but had no idea that the apes were there.

His only wish was to preserve the honor of his father who was a participant of that massacre. Now feeling he brought more shame feels there is only one recourse and pilots his vessel back to the ape infested city.

Dejah back in Helium walks with her grandfather who admits his part in the massacre as he was following orders to kill the enemy in their sleep. Dejah asks if he was ashamed why did he allow her to lead the expedition. He stated he merely buried the bodies not covered it up and she would find the truth eventually.