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Dar Tarus is a male Red Martian and the current jeddak of Phundahl after Xaxa.



The Master Mind of Mars[]

Dar Tarus was an extremely handsome young warrior attached to the court of Xaxa. Unfortunately for him, both his beloved and his body were coveted by Xaxa's favorite, Sag Or; thus he was assassinated and his body exchanged with that of the aging nobleman. While he was stored in the reserves of Ras Thavas, he was registered as 378-J-493811-P. Vad Varo chose to revive this man to help him escape. Eventually, he was returned to his body and he became the Jeddak of Phundahl and high priest of Tur. John Carter returned to him his beloved Kara Vasa, who it is safe to assume is now Jeddara of Phundahl.