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Caspak (also known as Caprona) is an awesomely Prehistoric island near Antarctica, inhabited by different types of Prehistoric life.


The island is mysteriously filled with Ancient Creatures which may have survived long since the Dinosaurs were becoming extinct.


Caspak is organized into different zoogeographic zones, where fauna from the different respective ages are confined.

  • Giant amphibians and insects such as the giant dragonfly, Meganuera and Mammal-like reptiles such as the Gorgonopsid and Dimetrodon are confined to the southern extremity of the island.
  • Reptiles and dinosaurs dominate slightly further north. The lagoon in this region is infested with water-living creatures like huge aquatic saurians such as Plesiosaurus and the Sea serpent-like Mosasaurus, “a veritable Mesozoic nightmare”, according to Bowen Tyler’s journal. Pterodactyls fly the misty skies, and dinosaurs such as the Triassic Coelophysis, the Jurassic Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus, and the Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Iguanodon, Styracosaurus overrun the land.
  • Further north, the mammals begin to dominate, beginning with the most primitive types, and upward through the late Pleistocene fauna, including the Mammoth, Aurochs, Mastodon, Woolly Rhinoceros, and the Giant ground sloth, preyed upon by the lions, Cave bear, Saber-tooth Cat, and giant panthers. Primates are thick throughout the island, including “monkeys of all sizes and shades”, and a variety of apes and man-like creatures.

Caprona's tribes[]

There are different tribes that reside in Caspak:

  • Band-Lu – A tribe of Cro-Magnons whose name means "Spear Men".
  • Bo-Lu – A tribe of Neanderthals whose name means "Club Men", because they have wield clubs.
  • Galu – A tribe of educated humans whose name means "Rope Men".
  • Ho-lu - A tribe of apes with the ability to "walk upright" (resembling the real-life Australopithecus).
  • Kro-Lu - A tribe of humans whose name means "Bow Men" because they are good archers. They can domesticate cows and goats. In addition, they can domesticate wolf-like dogs to guard their livestock.
  • Sto-Lu – A tribe of missing links whose name means "Hatchet Men".
  • Weiroo – A tribe of winged humans. Because there are mostly male Weiroo, they often abduct female Galu for breeding purposes.