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Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds is the latest book in the Venus series by American science-fiction author Matt Betts. It was announced as part of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe on July 19, 2019, at San Diego Comic-Con.[1][2] It was released April 21, 2020.


Stranded on an alien world for nearly two decades, Earthman Carson Napier finds his own past haunting him in strange and terrifying ways when he’s confronted by a sinister madman bent on ruling Amtor. To stop his opponent and his insidious weapon, Carson must gather an alliance of friends and former enemies alike in an epic struggle for control of the planet.[1]


Forward: An Unexpected Visitor[]

Matt Betts introduces the story as Carson Napier telepathically transmitting his stories to him, a modern author. The prologue is actually a forward by Betts himself, as if he were in the ERBU.

Chapter 1: An Ethereal Vision[]

Carson Napier is poisoned by wine given to him by the Thorists and is whisked off by Duare, Ero Shan, and Nalte to Havatoo and Andoo in an anotar. As Carson slips into oblivion, he has a vision of Mars and Dejah Thoris before waking back up in the anotar, greeted by Taman, the jong (king) of Korva who says that the ship has landed in Sanara, Korva's captal. Taman asks Carson if he needs a doctor, to which Carson denies and is helped by Duare and Ero Shan get off the ship and onto gantors, elephant-sized crocodiles, for a procession through Sanara to the royal palace.

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Chapter 2: Pursuit[]

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Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun[]

Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun, featuring Jason Gridley and Victory Harben and written by Christopher Paul Carey, is included at the end of Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds.