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The Carrion Caves is a series of twenty-seven ice caves that form the only natural passage into the northern icecap of Barsoom into the land of Okar.


It is said that the wandering remnants of the Yellow Martians found this passage in the long distant past as they made their way into the arctic.  It was here they made their stand against the Green hordes at the opening to the subterranean passage that led to their haven of refuge. A mighty battle was fought in which the Yellow Martians were victorious, and within the caves that gave ingress to their new home they piled the bodies of the dead, both Yellow and Green, that the stench might warn away their enemies from further pursuit.

Since then, the dead of the Okar have been brought to this cave to rot to further serve this purpose, as well as the waste of the entire nation. Everything that can rot is deposited here, to add to the foul stench of the caves. Fierce apts nest in these caves, the rot from the parts of their prey they cannot devour adding to the stench.

When Talu became Jeddak of the Okar he determined to cleanse these caves of the filth that had been accumulated within it, so that the Green Martians may find an easy way to the land of the Okar.