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Brokols are a humanoid species native to Amtor. Being one of the races that inhabit the northern hemisphere, they are entirely unknown in the southern hemisphere.


Brokols have green skin and absolutely no hair, on top of their heads there is a knot that remains from their birth (somewhat similar to a belly button).

Life Cycle[]

Female Brokols give birth to a single nut. The tree grows from these nuts, and tiny Brokols grow like fruit upon the tree. The vast majority of these young plants are eaten by Guypals.


Not much is known about the diet of Brokols, but they are known to drink the blood of warm blooded creatures, including humans.


The Brokol culture is highly unknown, except for some areas.


The Brokols are the only group of people upon Amtor to have actually developed a religion in any sense.

Their religion was focused on a woman that they called Loto-El-Ho-Ganja Kum O Raj, which literally translates into "most high more than woman of the fire", although not much is known about her. They worshiped her because she supposedly fell from the fire that surrounds all of Amtor, and they believed that she was not born from human or plant. They would perform ritual sacrifices to her.