The Basto is a large omnivorous creature native to Amtor. It is as tall as a man at the shoulder, and can weigh up to 3600 tob (1200 pounds). The creature somewhat resembles a cross between and American bison and a large boar. It has powerful jaws and four great fangs, in addition to other teeth, and two heavy horns atop its head, and a boar like snout. From poll to forehead thick curly hair crows, its blue hide is similar in texture to that of an elephants, and has sparse hairs growing all over its body, the tip of the tail is covered in hair. It stands highest at the shoulder sloping to the rump, its front legs are short and stocky ending in broad feet with three toes, its back legs are longer and have smaller feet. This creature is actively hunted by the inhabitants of Vepaja for food, and is extremely dangerous to hunt.

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