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"None who enters Bantoom ever leaves"

Bantoom is a hidden nation. It consists of a pastoral valley and a small stream that runs through its center. Bantoom is inhabited by the Kaldanes. Its existence was discovered in The Chessmen of Mars.


The history of Bantoom is relatively unknown. This is partially due to the fact that until recently its existence was only known to its inhabitants. Presumably the Kaldanes migrated to the land after the fall of Barsoom's oceans.


While Bantoom is ruled by the Kaldanes, it's not necessarily ruled by one jeddak. In fact, the land is divided into city-states. Each state includes a tower encircled by a wall, the farm lands around the tower, and an underground network of tunnels that form a city.

Each city-state is ruled by a Kaldane king. The king gives birth to all his subjects. Each subject is assigned a job and rank. From there, they can be demoted or promoted based on their actions.



Kaldanes are the predominant race of Bantoom. Their appearance looks somewhat like a hideous decapitated head, but with small spider-like legs. They have established a successful government, and have seemed to flourish in the valley. Kaldanes society is completely focused on knowledge and logic.


Rykors appear as beautiful human bodies, save one fact. Rykors have no head. Having no head, Rykors are extremely unintelligent. They wander around aimlessly when without a guide.

Rykors are bred by the Kaldanes as a means of transportation. When using a Rykor, Kaldanes climb onto the place a normal head would be. Then the Kaldanes attaches it's self to the rykor's spinal cord. After this, the rider has complete control over the body. Kaldanes also use Rykors for food.


Banths are known to live in the hills surrounding Bantoom. During the night the come down and hunt for prey. Unlike Kaldanes and Rykors, banths are not specific to Bantoom. They can be found in numerous places on Barsoom. On occasion Kaldanes will hunt and eat banths, though this was seldom, as banth meat was not appealing.


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