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Bandolian is a male Morgor and the emperor of the species. It was his intention to invade Barsoom and conquer it. He is the main antagonist of Skeleton Men of Jupiter.


Since Morgors have little to no value for art of ornaments, Bandolian is dressed in a plain harness identical to others that his species wears. Only a small metal insignia with a hieroglyph on his harness indicates his title.


Bandolian has very little patience with what he considers lower species, including Martians.


Skeleton Men of Jupiter[]

As part of his plan to conquer Barsoom, Bandolian has John Carter abducted to extract information from him about Helium's defenses and military. First, he tries to bribe Carter by promising him a high position in the new rule the Morgors will establish on Barsoom. Then, he has Dejah Thoris abducted and tries to use her as a hostage to force Carter into cooperation. When both attempts fail, Bandolian furiously sentences Carter to death and gives Dejah Thoris to Multis Par.

After John Carter and Dejah Thoris escape, Bandolian is not seen or mentioned again. By the end of the story, it remains unknown if he still plans to conquer Barsoom despite having failed in gaining any information from Carter.

Other appearances[]

WARNING! [[File:John Carter: Warlord of Mars|100px|right]]
The information in this article comes from John Carter: Warlord of Mars and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Bandolian is also the primary antagonist of a special, 40-page issue of the comic series John Carter: Warlord of Mars, which serves as a pastiche ending to the unfinished final Barsoom novel.

In the story, the Morgors actually follow up on their threat to invade Barsoom. They quickly capture Helium. Bandolian personally oversees the invasion of Helium's palace and the capture of both John Carter and Dejah Thoris. The two of them are freed however by Vorion, who reveals that many Morgors hate their emperor because of his tyranny. Vorion has recruited these Morgors to form a rebellion. They see the invasion of Barsoom as the perfect moment to dispose of the Morgon emperor. At John Carter’s suggestion, he and Vorion travel to Thuria, to the city of Ombra, to form an alliance with Ul Vas and the Tarids. Ul Vas agrees and sends a message to Bandolian, pretending to have captured Vorion, John Carter, and the Morgor rebels. He delivers them to Bandolian on his ship as a peace offer. In reality, this is a trick to smuggle a large group of Tarid soldiers, under the guise of their invisibility, onto the Imperial ship and capture all the Morgors there. With his army incapacitated, an angry Bandolian engages John Carter in a duel. In the fight, he is killed by the warlord and Vorion succeeds Bandolian as emperor of the Morgors.