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An apt, by Jeff Doten

The Apt is a monstrous creature native to Barsoom's northern pole.

Appearance & Biology[]

Like the white ape, it has six limbs. The lower four are short and are used to convey the beast over the frozen wastes. The arms extend from the shoulders and end in white hairless hands. The head and jaws not unlike those of a hippopotamus, except that the bottom jaw sports two downward-curving tusks. Its two huge eyes extend down the sides of its head from the the center of the cranium all the way down to below the level of the tusks. Each eye comprises hundreds of ocelli, each with its own lid, so that the apt can close as many or as few ocelli as it desires.


The apt is a fierce predator, able to go for a whole month without sleep. It chases its prey across the barren snow and ice until its prey tires, and then grabs the prey with its hands and gores it with its tusks. After a month of this, the apt sleeps for a day, and then begins to hunt again.


The Apt inhabit the northern pole of Barsoom, not much is known how they live but the infamous Carrion Caves are infested with Apts.

Role in Culture[]

The Yellow Martians of Kadabra considered the apt to be a sacred creature, and thus domesticated many of them, using them to guard the entrance to their kingdom, Okar. They also made cloaks from apt fur. However, after Prince Talu succeeded his uncle Salensus Oll as the Jeddak of Okar, he determined to hunt the apt until the species was extinct.