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The information in this article comes from Dynamite's Warlord of Mars series and is not written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Anouk was a Red Martian woman who lived in the last days of the Orovar civilization, 100,000 years before the arrival of John Carter on Barsoom.


Anouk was kidnapped from her tribe by another group of red men, and in turn this group was ambushed by green men. She was rescued by the Orovar Tak Nan Lee on his way to the atmosphere factory, which was then still under construction.

When Anouk awoke in Tak's apartment she was initially frightened by her new surroundings, she attacked her savior, but he managed to calm her down, learning more about her. She decided to trust him for the time, seeing she could easily overpower the Orovar. When he offered her clothes in exchange for the rags she wore, she originally declined, but later accepted to appear more civilized.

However due to Tak's work in the atmosphere plant it kept him from interacting with her, prompting the Orovar to have the young woman be brought to visit him at the facility. Anouk was confused why kept her, believing that she was his pet, but the Orovar dismissed that notion only wanting to talk to her and teach her. After learning from him of the Orovar's decline and his pleas for her to help him save the future of Barsoom she agreed to do it for him.