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A Solider of Poloda is the fifth book in the Wild Adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs and is the sequel to Beyond the Farthest Star.


In this authorized sequel to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic science fiction novel Beyond the Farthest Star, American OSS officer Thomas Randolph is mysteriously teleported to the distant planet of Poloda, which lies far beyond the globular cluster NGC 7006—450,000 light years away from Earth. Landing in the midst of a hundred-year war that mirrors the Allied Powers’ struggle against Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich, Randolph—now Tomas Ran—finds himself behind enemy lines, where he gains a firsthand view of the inner workings of the corrupt Kapar empire. There also he meets the beautiful Loris Kiri, a prisoner from the nation of Unis. Will Tomas be able to escape the dreaded Kapars and join Loris and her countrymen in their struggle to free Poloda from tyranny?

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