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"I think everyone in the art department went out and we found every copy that was out there, and we used it as our bible."
Andrew Stanton [[src]]

A Guide To Barsoom is an official guide to the world of Mars built by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It contains, among other things - information on Barsoom in general; descriptions of all characters, animals, plants, and locations appearing in the original novels by Burroughs; a brief history of Barsoom; and information on Barsoom's measurements of time and distance.

There are very few inaccuracies, and the books have become treasured amongst Burroughs enthusiasts. Andrew Stanton, when making John Carter (2012), apparently acquired a number of copies to use as sources when writing the film. The book was printed in two covers, one featuring original artwork from Boris Vallejo, and another using recycled cover art for Michael Whelan's cover for John Carter of Mars. While print copies can be hard to find, the book has been released as a fully illustrated ebook from ReAnimus Press, with a cover by Neal MacDonald (the artist who did the interior illustrations).

One notable fact is that the authors do not acknowledge John Carter and the Giant of Mars as a true Barsoom novel because of questionable authorship and quality. As such, the book does not contain any information about characters and locations appearing in this story.